Asmik Grigorian - a new Lithuanian star in the world of opera


Asmik Grigorian triumphed at the Salzburger Festspiele

In July 2018 Lithuanian opera singer Asmik Grigorian triumphed at the Salzburger Festspiele, one of the world's leading classical music and performing arts festivals, performing Salome's role in Richard Strauss's "Salome", directed by famous Italian director Romeo Castellucci.

With the help of conductor Franz Welser-Möst and the Vienna Philharmonic, inspired by the courageous director's interpretation, Grigorian created a shattering and memorable image of Salome. After the premiere, the critics were unanimous - "a new star was born".

"Salome" has become an integral part of the relationship between Romeo Castellucci's directing and Asmik Grigorian's artistry, and has included the Lithuanian soprano in the elite of the world's opera, according to the Vilnius City Opera report.

Having conquered Salzburg, Asmik Grigorian has already been invited to perform as Salome at the New York Metropolitan Opera. In the next three years, she will also sing main parts at Milan's La Scala, London's Royal Opera House, Paris‘s Bastille and Vienna‘s State Opera. Next February the soloist will appear to the Vilnius City Opera audience in the premiere of „The Queen of Spades“.