Lukas Geniušas - winner of the XV Tchaikovsky Competition


2nd Prize awarded to the pianist representing Russia and Lithuania

The second prize at The XV International Tchaikovsky Competition was won by 24-year-old pianist Lukas Geniušas, who represented Lithuania and Russia: he shared the place with American George Li. Festival commentators described Lukas Geniušas as representative of the typical Moscow piano school graduate and he was a favorite from the very first round of the competition. The first prize was awarded to Russian pianist Dmitry Masleev, third place was shared by Sergei Redkin and Daniel Kharitonov, while the fourth place went to French pianist Lucas Debargue - one of the favorites of the audience from the very first round.

The jury for the Piano category included Dmitry Bashkirov, Boris Berezovsky, Michel Beroff, Peter Donohoe, Sergei Dorensky, Martin Engström, Vladimir Feltsman, Klaus Hellwig, Denis Matsuev, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Alexander Toradze, and Barry Douglas. It is interesting that this year the competition chose not to use a computer voting system and each member of the jury voted simply by saying "yes" or "no."

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