Bronius Kutavičius Lokys




ODE 1021-2D

CD 1 - ACT I
1 Scene One. The Choir: "I am going to chase that evil spirit away..." 02'01
2 Scene Two. The Professor: "I've made a long trip across Samogitia"; The Doctor: "I'm honored to receive a most respected visitor" 10'25
3 Scene Three. The Countess: "You will know my revenge, you beast"; The Doctor: "I begged you to forget that nightmare of yours"; The Professor: "What violence and suffering! Is it a dream, hallucination or reality?" 04'09
4 Scene Four. The One-Eyed Old Woman: "I had a woven gown..."; The Professor: "Are these the sounds of spirits in the night?" 03'50
5 Scene Five. Instrumental interlude 02'13
6 Scene Six. The Count: "Your look, so mean and cold, it reminds me of the knife of a murderer..." 04'44
7 Scene Seven. The Count: "Professor, welcome to the court of Medintiltis!"; The Professor: "I am also very pleased to meet the son of my old friend" 03'12
8 Scene Eight. The Choir: "Here, the blue skies are so open and bright!"; The Professor: "I've heard so much about the Noble Lady Julija"; The Count: "Is she beautiful? I sincerely don't know" 03'05
9 Scene Nine. The One-eyed Old Woman: "In the cradle, there is a silk quilt, on the quilt a tiny girl..."; The Professor: "I believe I've heard this odd song somewhere..."; The Count: "What are you doing in here. Old one, in the midst of the woods?"; Choir 07'36
10 Scene Ten. The white seagull dance. Julija: "Oh mermaid, my sister of cold waters..." 06'13
11 Scene Eleven. The Choir: "Lokys or Bear... there's no difference there"; The Count: "It is my friend and me, my dear Julija"; The Count's Double: "Yes, it is our friend and us"; Julija: "Oh, such dear guests, such unexpected visitors!" 04'41
1 Scene One. The Choir:"Hello, hello... we haven't met for ages..." 01'14
2 Scene Two. Polonaise. The Guests: "Lady Julija - did you know? She got her wedding dress from Paris!"; The Professor: "The afternoon is late..."; The Doctor: "Let's drink to the bride and the groom"; Choir: "Welcome, welcome everybody" 04'40
3 Scene Three. The Old Countess: "A bear!"; Choir: "Who is she, this madwoman?"; The Doctor: "I'll cut your hair short, Countess" 03'26
4 Scene Four. The Count: "Forgive us, please"; The Marshall: "Laudater Jesus Christus" 03'40
5 Scene Five. The Professor: "Please repeat after me the words of the oath"; Choir: "On the road of the Lord, we sing from one heart" 05'20
6 Scene Six. The Count: "To us! To my Julija!"; Julija: "Let us be happy!" 02'42
7 Scene Seven. The Doctor: "Viva the newlyweds!"; The Count: "Oh Julija, my mermaid!" 03'19
8 Scene Eight. Julija: "Calm down, my heart! Calm down!" 03'11
9 Scene Nine. The One-Eyed Old Woman: "A wedding party without a match-maker?"; The Choir: "Who is she?... A homeless beggar?"; The Marshall: "Who are you to disturb the party?" 06'32
10 Scene Ten. The Doctor: "She's dead"; The Choir: "Oh, Lord, such grave misery!"; The Countess: "A bear! Again he has showed up for the party" 06'37
11 Epilogue. The Soloist: "I'm leaving and take nothing along..."; The Choir: "I repeat like a prayer, to the streets and the squares" 03'26
Opera in Two Acts Libretto by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė-Jurašienė (Based on a short story by Prosper Merimee) Director Jonas R. Jurašas, Set designer Mindaugas Navakas, Costume designer Sandra Straukaitė, Choreographer Anželika Cholina, Chorus master Česlovas Radžiūnas
The Cast
THE PROFESSOR from Konigsberg - Vladimiras Prudnikovas THE COUNT Šemeta - Vytautas Juozapaitis THE COUNTESS, his mother - Inesa Linaburgytė JULIJA, COUNT's fiancee - Irena Zelenkauskaitė - Brazauskienė THE DOCTOR - Audrius Rubežius THE ONE-EYED OLD WOMAN - Veronika Povilionienė THE MARSHAL - Arūnas Malikėnas THE COUNT'S DOUBLE - Giedrius Žalys PRANCIŠKUS, a mute servant - Česlovas Stonys
THE SOLOIST in the epilogue - Vida Sinkevičiūtė THE RECITER in the epilogue - Miroslav Stasilo The Choir and Orchestra of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Martynas Staškus, conductor