The Old Photo Box. Lior Navok, Daumantas Kirilauskas

Image Records


1 The Attic
Discovering an old photo box in the attic, drifting into daydreams and reflections
2 Monsieur Lepic Missing his Train
Realizing too late that he has been waiting on the wrong platform...
3 A Drizzly Evening in Berlin
Berlin at evening, dark, cold dim street light. Walking... ambulance passes by empty streets
4 The Wanted Clown
Few angry gang-members, a clown, circus, chase, almost drowning. Survival, another chase, and...
5 Shadows Cross Boulevard Saint-Germain
Parisian cafe, evening, rain. Who is crossing the boulevard? Is this Satie and his friends?
6 Kaleidoscopic Daydreams
Daydreaming, reflecting and roaming between one idea and another
7 A Gloomy Man at the Tavern
A shabby tavern, One man lets alcohol sway him back into better days of chilhood
8 Prestice Room Hunt
A music student pops into busy practice rooms, trying to find and empty room for himself
9 The Cave of One Question
One question being echoed in a cave, Finally asked...
10 Mirage
Nonexistent images appear alive at the yellow, burning-hot desert
11 The Chase
Who chases who?!
12 Pont Saint-Lois
Paris, Rue du Cloitre Notre-Dame, round midnight, cold, drizzle; a merry accordionist on the bridge
13 The Army General and a Clown (sharing one stage)
An army general tries to deliver a speech while a passing-by clown sneaks in and mocks him
14 YorkStrasse Train Station - 1:00AM
Berlin, Missing the last night train, empty platform, once in a while a distant train passes by
15 Old Note Found in a Book
Inside a forgotten book, one old note brings memories of a beloved one
16 Murder at the French Cabaret
Chase behind the scenes, hiding onstage, cancan dancers, 20 chase resumes, victim found
17 The Abandoned Jazz Club
Revisiting an old, dusty, time frozen jazz club that once knew better days
18 Smuggler's Boat - Coastguard Boat
Deep at sea, darkness. Two boats, signals, chase, escape, signal again, few lives lost
19 The Mad Hatter Goes to a Silent Movie
1925. New York, a hatter, intoxicated by mercury, leaves his work and rushes to the cinema
20 Between Dream and Reality
Closing the photo box and reflecting. Slowly waking up to the real world