LP Khachaturian Spartacus




D4M 33493

Side 1
Act 1: Tableau 1 (Triumph of Rome)
1 Triumphal March
Act 1: Tableau II (Slave Market)
2 Market
3 Dance of Greek Slave
4 Egyptian Dance
5 Scene of Crassus and Aegina
6 Dance of Phrygia and Farewell with Spartacus
Side 2
Act 1: Tableau III (Circus)
7 Introduction
8 Pantomime
9 Procession of Gladiators
10 Fight of Gladiators in Sightless Helmets
11 Fisherman and Fish Duel of Gladiators with Net and Trident
12 Fight of Thracians and Samnites
13 Triumph of Spartacus
Side 3
Act II: Tableau IV
14 Death of Gladiators
15 Spartacus Call to Revolt / Beginning of Gladiators Revolt
Act II: Tableau V (The Appian Way)
16 Introduction
17 Dance-play of Shepherd and Shepherdess
18 Spartacus Appears with Phrygia and Gladiators
19 Scene of Revolt
Act II: Tableau VI (Festival at the House of Crassus)
20 Beginning of Feast
21 Dance of Nymphs
Side 4
Act II: Tableau VI (Festival at the House of Crassus) (Continuation)
22 Appearance of Hormodius
23 Adagio of Aegina and Harmodius
24 Variation of Harmodius
25 Variation of Aegina
26 Final Bacchanale
27 Scene and Dance with Small Cymbals
28 Dance of Gaditan Maidens / Approach of Rebels
29 Gladiator Fight of the Captives
Side 5
Act II: Tableau VI (Festival at the House of Crassus) (Conclusion)
30 Dance of Yong Thracians with Swords
31 War Dance of Three Followers of Spartacus
32 Spartacus Proclaimed Leader Celebration Honoring Spartacus
Act III: Tableau VII (Camp of Spartacus) (Beginning)
33 Introduction and scene
34 Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia
Side 6
Act III: Tableau VII (Camp of Spartacus) (Conclusion)
35 Appearance of Merchants / General Dance
36 Dance of Roman Courtesan
37 General Dance
38 Spartacus Appears
39 Quarrel of Commanders
40 Betrayal of Harmodius
Act III: Tableau VIII (Camp of Crassus)
41 Introduction and Dance of Aegina in Front of Crassus
42 Triumph of Crassus
Side 7
Act IV: Tableau IX (Death of Spartacus)
43 Introduction / Pirates
44 Dance of Pirates / Scene of Spartacus
45 Spartacus Hope Vanishes
46 Battle / Death of Spartacus
47 Requiem (Finale)
Side 8
1 Mourning Dance of Bacchante
2 Incident at Night
3 Tarantella
4 Saturnalia
Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, Algis Žiūraitis, Conductor